The Levitron - Amazing Scientific Toy

Levitron is a registered trademark of Creative Gifts, Inc., used to advertise a range of toys and gifts in the science and educational markets. The Levitron stabilization, the Levitron induces levitation in its top through a series of interactive steps as described under top device is a commercial toy that displays the phenomenon known as spin stabilized magnetic levitation. Consisting essentially of a permanent magnetic top and base plate, ring or alternate geometric configuration, the toy's construction is relatively simple. The theory behind the Levitron, however, is considerable and remains incomplete, while functional parameters, such as the top rotation rate or top weighting, are considered somewhat stringent.

Here are some other videos of this amazing phenomenon : Levitron

Levitron with Helmholtzspule flys 5 hours Johannes Gutenberg Universit├Ąt - Germany...Levitron Kreisel Physik Mhystik

Ana mastering the magnetic levitating device...magnetic levitation levitron

. This is Omega Levitron that gives you an ability to make an object levitate.

Levitron floating now for 5 days, 12 hours and counting, at the time of this movie. Can't keep it floating for much longer.

Levitron: An amazing discovery from R.Harrigan. For over 150 years people thought that this would never fly.

Levitation experiment...levitron homemade magnetic levitation

Floating magnet without wires or power source...levitron magnet levitation floating

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