Sunrise : Nature's Alarm Clock

Discovery Channel store continues to bring us the beauty of our planet which we have never seen before.

Their latest series called as Sunrise Earth HD DVD Set is now for $35 off at $24.95 plus FREE shipping !

12 complete episodes totalling at 11 hours and 55 minutes on 4 discs.

That's a great way to start a day with relaxation and admiration to the beautiful earth. Bravo Discovery Channel!

Say Welcome to 'No Tears' Onions

Scientists in New Zealand and Japan have created a "No more tears" onion using biotechnology to cut the gene from action behind the enzyme that makes us cry. The discovery could signal an end to one of cooking's eternal puzzles: why does cutting up a simple onion sting the eyes and trigger teardrops? Soon, it is possible that we will see the first no tears onion prototypes in markets.

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Best Science Books and DVDs at Amazon

Here are my selected all time favorite science books and dvds. I hope you will like too. Enjoy !

Planet Earth : The Greatest Nature Wildlife Series

This incredible 11-part Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series features the most astonishing sights and sounds you'll ever experience from the comforts of your home. All episodes are 50 minutes and you will want to finish all without any break. This is undoubtedly one of the best documentary films about the nature and wildlife habitat (mountains, caves, deserts, shallow seas, seasonal forests, etc.) until the entire planet has been magnificently represented. A favorite item for both children and the parents.

You can buy at Amazon at the lowest prices. The series are sold in 3 formats, 5 DVD Discs Set, Blu-ray and HD DVD for the maximum pleasure.

Discovery Channel Store also sells the legendary Planet Earth BBC Series with discount.
Planet Earth DVD Set Price Drop

The Strange Dotted Dunes of Mars

What causes the black dots on dunes on Mars? Here is the explanation of this great Mars photo. As spring dawned on the Northern Hemisphere of Mars in 2004, dunes of sand near the poles begin to defrost. Thinner regions of ice thaw first revealing sand whose darkness soaks in sunlight and accelerates the thaw. The thaw process may involve sandy jets exploding through the thinning ice. By summer, the spots expanded to encompass the entire dunes that were then completely thawed and dark. The carbon dioxide and water ice actually sublime in the thin atmosphere directly to gas. Taken in July, the above image shows a field of spotted polar dunes spanning about 3 kilometers near the Martian North Pole.
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