Absolute Hot versus Absolute Cold

As you know, physics is consists of constants which amazes us. Surely, you have heard about the Absolute Zero where you can't go more colder than -273,15C or -459F or 0 Kelvin. Scientists achieved to reach the coldest temperature in lab environment which is -273,149999999. So it seems that there is no way under. But what about the Absolute Hot, maximum possible temperature? The answer is both yes, no or maybe? Standard theory accepts the Planck Temperature (100 million million million million million degrees, or 1032 Kelvin) which occurred 10-43 seconds after the Big Bang got under way. At that instant, known as one Planck time, the entire universe is thought to have been the Planck length, or 10-35 meters. You can read more about this very important subject here. There is also a very interesting animation which scales the known temperature ranges. Check it here too.

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