Strange Fact Video - Worm Charming

I noticed this interesting experiment video while stumbling upon youtube and was shocked to see such a clever method. First of all, what are exactly these mysterious words? Worm Charming: Worm charming, worm grunting, and worm fiddling are methods of attracting earthworms from the ground. In 2008 researchers from Vanderbilt university proved that the worms surface because the noise is similar to a hungry mole.

This video shows how worm charming works replicating the mole sound. I learned that there is also a "World Worm Charming Championship" started in 1980 and is now an annual event in a sport form. The current world record, as listed by Guinness World Records, was established at that first event with teenager Tom Shufflebotham collecting 511 worms in 30 minutes.

Life is really strange.
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