Most spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope

One of the most impressive books of 2008 in the science field is Hubble: Imaging Space and Time. This book shows the reader more than 200 of the most spectacular images in full color format from the Hubble Space Telescope taken during its lifetime. A breathtaking journey to the solar system’s workings: the expansion of the universe, the birth and death of stars, the formation of planetary nebulae, the dynamics of galaxies, and the mysterious force known as "dark energy."

A look to stunning Carina Nebula, being an eyewitness to star birth in many photos, a jet from a black hole in one galaxy striking a neighboring galaxy; a jewel-like collection of galaxies from the early years of the universe taken from the farthermost; and a giant galaxy cruelly swallowing a smaller galaxy.

One of the best space photo books of Amazon in 2008.

Hubble: Imaging Space and Time
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