Nuclear Fusion Fuel Age is coming

According to an article at The Independent Science, scientists are planning to see the first results of nuclear fusion used as a real fuel in this October, at the new National Ignition Facility (NIF in California. The dreams of ultimate clean green energy can really become a reality in near future according to the scientists with this crucial step. There are over 190 laser beams at the facility, which are ready to start self-sufficing fusion reaction on a very small target.

As you know, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and the natural fuel of our Sun and the other stars in the universe using the nuclear fusion. As atomic nuclei collide so fast & hard to each other, they release an incredible amount of energy. Remember the bad guy, hydrogen bomb. Think nuclear fusion fuel as a controlled hydrogen bomb which up to now, it couldn't be achieved.

Self-sustaining fusion reaction even needs more extreme conditions than the center of the Sun. Imagine an increadible temperature of 100 million centigrade. We will surely hear more successful results from NIF, hopefully in this year.

via Independent Science
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