Sizing Up the Universe

Sizing Up the Universe: The Cosmos in PerspectiveThis is a breathtaking publication on sizes in the Universe. This effectively illustrated book, Sizing up the universe, distinctively represents the vastness and charms of the cosmos.

What I identified most successful was the conversation of the apparent measurements physical objects, like the comparing of our Moon with the Andromeda Galaxy, the distances inside our very own solar system and Milky Way galaxy, and the universe beautifully illustrated with a fold out Gott-Juric Map representing the comparable distance of the major objects and constructions of the identified universe.

The photographs are awe-inspiring and offer a recognition of the vastness of objects and distances in the cosmos.

This book is a pleasant acquisition to my hobbyist astronomy selection. Even though I have several books and magazines on the subject of the universe, our galaxy, the solar system and all related structures and objects, this book stands apart because of its power to evidently connect complicated aspects using words, breath-taking images, and drawings.

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p.s : Neutrino book and Cycle of time book are worth checking as well.

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